Me N MySeLf

Me N MySeLf

Monday, February 28, 2011

BiLa AdA DuRi DlAm DgInG

wahhhhh...statement kontroversi...kna update sbb nk cte jgk..ska atyy la blog ak..hahaha..ok2 gurau je..baik murid2..arini ad soalan yg cikgu nk tnya..tahu x mksd duri dlm dging..ap..xthu..nk ckgu trgkn..ok fine..ak tnya ak jwb hahaha..

orait..dlm bhasa bm bak kta cik fifa or effa hahaha..duri dalam daging tu lbih krang mcm musuh dlm selimut..nmpak baik pda dasarnya tp rupanya jdi duri yg mnyakitkan lets the story begin..sorry to say but mybe xde org sdar but aroud us ad bnyk org cmni..hakikatnya everyone is fine..doing their own things and respect others but when the thorns come it has separate everyone apart..sadly..because of her/him..everyone has the hatred feeling..and her/him is just sitting there acted innocently while everyone is fighting with each other..jenjang..truthfully u're the causes and make me feel like u should juz be gone from here..

because of u...honestly making everyone forget one another deeds and keep hating everybody..snsd please i have one wish..please grant my wish..plez make her lost from my sights..PLEASEEE


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