Me N MySeLf

Me N MySeLf

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


me already tired with all the attitudes..feel like want to travel somewhere else and seek for my own freedom..hate on how people decide on my future..such a shit..who do you think me as..some sort of people that has to be on your good side and pretend to be good..nopee...seriouly..ak dh bnci gla ngan smua ni...take note..

AK DH XLRAT NK JGA ATYY ORG LEN..BILA KTA JGA ATY DYA, PERNAH DYA JGA ATY KTA..MMG XLA..SAKIT ATI SIAL..KO WAT CAM KO JE YANG BAGUS AND EVERYONE HAS TO FLLOW UR INSTRUCTION...ingt ak ni balaci ko ke b***...ko skit aty smua kna klu ak yg skit aty kra xksah la..ko jela yg bgus..smua ko jela yg bgus ek..please la weii..ak dh bnci ngan attitude tu..huh..dh r tu..back to urself..juz be like u normally are and dont make me getting more headache because of you..SHIT wei..arghhhhhhhh


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